Plugin Set Up

NOTE: You will need to set up your company and enter your purchase code before you can proceed.

NOTE: These options need to be completed before you can create a new contract.

Contracts > Settings > Plugin Setup

These settings control the default elements of the plugin such as your admin email, usage of currency symbols and dates. All fields should be set. If a field is required and not set, you will not be able to create a contract until it is set.

  • Contract Permalink The default is contract, but you can change this to whatever you need it to be for your contracts.

  • Your Company Name Can be used with the [companyname] shortcode to display your company name within a contract template or email.

  • Administration Email This is where the emails come to when a client signs or initiates a contract through the plugin.

  • Decimal Round The decimal point you want your values to be rounded to. For example, 2 will be used to round to 2 points (2.68 -> 2.70).

  • Currency Symbol Can be used with the [contractcurrency] shortcode to display your currency symbol within a contract template or email.

  • Currency Type This is used to convert or integrate payment methods.

  • Date Format How your visible dates are formatted within the contract, audit log, and throughout the plugin. Uses PHP formats.

  • Datepicker Format Used to format the date of the datapicker used with the date type shortcode. This format should be different from the Date Format as it uses JS formats.

  • Client Email Shortcode You can select the shortcode used for the client email to be used with the front end shortcode [emaillist]. This will display all contracts based on a logged-in users email that matches the selected shortcode you add.

  • Auto Redirect Initiated Contracts (like a TOS agreement) If you allow clients to create their own contracts, do you want to redirect them to their contract? Keep in mind that if you have values that the client cannot fill out, they will be able to sign the contract without those values which could result in the contract being incorrect. If you do not use this, you will have to manually approve all client-initiated contracts. Use at your own discretion.

  • Default Contract Template In order to use the Auto Redirect Initiated Contracts above, you must choose a template to base the redirect on. Use at your own discretion.

  • Response if not auto redirected? If you are not auto redirecting a contract that is initiated by a client, you can add a success message here.

  • Upon signing, redirect these users to this URL Use this to redirect these specific contracts to another URL once the client signs a contract. This will only be used with the above shortcodes.

  • Use FontAwesome Icons? Check this to have icons used with our buttons. Leave this unchecked to use default button styling.

  • Signature Message You can replace the default message displayed above the digital signature when a client signs. Add whatever text you want here or use the default message.

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