Contracts > Payment Options > Stripe
Add a Stripe payment button to your contracts. Collect a deposit when your contracts are signed.
  • Stripe Public API Key Enter your public key from Stripe
  • Stripe Private API Key Enter your private key from Stripe
  • Stripe Fee You can charge a fee to use Stripe (ex: 2.50 or 2.9%), however, please verify with your country’s TOS to make sure this is legal in your country.
  • Stripe Require Zip Code Require the customer to enter a zip code to make a purchase.
  • Stripe Button Label Add the text that the button will display to the user when they are ready to pay.
  • Stripe Checkout Icon Add your logo to the popover that Stripe uses to collect payment information. This is not required.
  • Turn Off Stripe? Remove this payment option from all contracts.