Change Log

Take a quick glance at what our current version offers and what changes have been made to resolve issues or to make the plugin better.

Version 5.1.3

  • Fixed installs on a subfolder

  • Fixed archive overwrite

  • Fixed issue with multisite not redirecting properly

  • Fixed issue with frontend error message if purchase invalidated

  • Added shortcode for post ID [postid]

  • Added shortcode for current date [currentdate]

  • Added template select for shortcodes for frontend, and backend

  • Added template attribute to frontend shortcode [clientadd]

  • Added ability to create multiple [clientadd] pages

Version 5.1.2

  • Fixed admin.php absolute path

Version 5.1.1

  • Fixed calendar popover and custom date format

  • Added jquery UI icons

Version 5.1.0

  • Removed debugging to fix immediate issue

  • Fixed autoupdate issue

Version 5.0.10

  • Added new class for multisite installation

Version 5.0.9

  • Fixed admin email glitch

Version 5.0.8

  • Added new languages

  • Updated stripe integration

  • Updated JS and CSS calls to be local

  • Included more translate-able text

  • Updated included libraries

  • Updated PHP code

Version 5.0.7

  • Skipped for internal updates

Version 5.0.6

  • Fixed zipped issue with updates

Version 5.0.5

  • Added UTF-8 encoding to emails that are being sent

  • Fixed IP address lookup for specific URL if adblocker is on

  • Added multisite addon integration

Version 5.0.4

  • Fixed issue of ip being blocked when signed (adblocker)

  • Fixed datapicker warnings

  • Added contract type filter to [emaillist] shortcode to view only certain types of contracts

  • Added sort for contract type column

  • Added Google Recaptcha for more spam free submissions

  • Added email send to administrator when a contract is created or updated

Version 5.0.3

  • Updated to allow for new PDF Generator addon

  • Updated notice for multisite installations

Version 5.0.2

  • Fixed currency settings in Stripe

  • Fixed checkbox labels

  • Created blank archive to remove visibility of contracts

  • Added update / new contract email template

  • Fixed check all for multiselect in admin dashboard

  • Fixed client add to work better with WP insert

  • Removed archive page and made it display a 404

  • Added contract sort to Contracts dashboard

  • Added shortcode ability for email subject

  • Added update notification email template

  • Added ability to redirect users once they sign a user-initiated contract

  • Fixed permissions issue preventing users from creating new contracts on some servers

Version 5.0.1

  • Fixed 404 on activate, now plugin should auto refresh permalinks

  • Gave users the ability to choose required and non-required fields when creating a shortcode (visible on front and admin)

  • Disabled rss feed within plugin so no contract links are shared via rss

Version 5.0.0

  • Rewrote entire plugin

  • Integrated with PHP7+

  • Fixed compatibility issues with other plugins

  • Added FontAwesome icons

  • Integrated into Gutenberg

  • Removed PDF print because it was causing issues and most modern browsers can print PDFs using browser functions

  • Added force use to print name

  • Added prepared fields for contract that are required to be filled out before signing

  • Added ability to modify permalinks

  • Removed [showcontract] shortcode because now it works in the theme

  • Gave instructions to prevent header and footer from being displayed on the contract

  • Added audit log

  • Added view options for signed contract

  • Added noindex nofollow to contract single pages

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