Advanced Shortcodes

The following is prebuilt shortcodes that come with the plugin. There is no need to add them to your shortcodes.
Contracts > Settings > Advanced Shortcodes


Add a page break to your contract templates. This will force the PDF to display the content below the shortcode on a new page.


If you would like to give your clients the opportunity to initiate a contract, you can easily add this shortcode to any page or theme file. This will add a short form that can be styled by you that will allow a client to create a pending contract and send your administrative contact an email notification.
You can also add the template variable to only show form fields listed for a specific template by adding template="Template Title" (ex: [clientadd template="Website Design"])
** you can only have 1 [clientadd] per page, if you need multiple forms, please create multiple pages for these forms.


If you would like to display a list of contracts for a user’s email address, you can easily add this shortcode to any page or theme file.
You can also customize what types of contract are displayed by adding type="your-category-slug" (ex: [emaillist type="test-type"]).
Once you have added the shortcode to a page, you select this page in your Settings to force all user links to point to this page. If they have an account, the page will populate within their profile and dashboard.
If they do not have an account, you can link them directly to their page using the following format:[email protected] Just replace the email with their email address.
You can style this list using the following class: .contractlistitem
Want to embed your contract on a page outside of the normal contract page? Now you can. Use the shortcode below to display the contract in an iframe that is customizable and can be place on any page. It is fully functional and your clients can sign and pay from the window.
The permalink reference is a direct URL to the contract itself.
The style reference allows you to customize the way the contract iframe looks on the screen. It is already set to 100% width, but you can set height, overflow etc.