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If you would like to add your own shortcodes to the plugin, you can click Add New Shortcode to bring up the input boxes for a new shortcode.

You can create custom shortcodes for your contract easily and efficiently. Enter as many as you like.

  • Shortcode Name A descriptive name for you and that displays on the edit or add new contract page.

  • Shortcode (ex:[shortcode]) The shortcode that you wish to use. This is what you will place on the contract or email templates.

  • Shortcode Function (ex:[shortcode1] + [shortcode2]) The shortcode function gives you the ability to create functionality for certain shortcodes. You can add, multiply, divide, etc your shortcodes. Just put a standard math function in the text box and have it do the math function for the shortcodes you add. For example, “([shortcode1] + [shortcode2]) / 2” would add shortcode1 and shortcode2 then divide by 2. This is an easy way to make your contracts more dynamic.

  • Options (separate with a comma) The options are only used when a data type of “select” is selected. This will add options to your select box. So, if you add “red,blue,green,yellow” in the text box, then add new or edit contract window will display a drop-down box with the options red,blue,green,yellow. This will give you a way to quickly add selectable options to your contract.

    • getusersemail can be added here with the data type of select to list all WordPress Administration Subscriber level user’s emails when adding a new contract.

  • Shortcode Data Type Select the text of input this shortcode will use. Your options are:

    • Text (default text type)

    • Textarea (shows a larger textbox with multiple lines)

    • Date (displays a selectable calendar input)

    • Checkbox (displays a single checkbox)

    • Select(displays a selection box with multiple items to choose from)

  • Descriptive Text Displays a simple description that displays on the edit or add new contract page.

  • Function Only If this is checked, it will not display on the edit or add new contract page. It is only used as a function.

  • Visible on Frontend If this is checked, the shortcode entry input will be displayed to the user using the [clientadd] shortcode. This will give you the ability to add only certain shortcodes that the end-user can add a contract with.

  • Delete? Removes the shortcode

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