Common Errors

When using the plugin, this is the most common errors you may see. Most should be resolved, but if not, you can find a solution here.

I Am Getting A 404 Error

If your permalink settings do not work with your contract, please modify your permalink settings or just save what you have to update your cache. This can be accomplished by going to Settings > Permalink Settings.

I Am Not Receiving An Email When The Contract Is Signed

The email is sent to the administrative email you designate in the Settings. If you still do not receive the email, please check spam and trash folders on your email server. Also please note that sometimes the email does not get sent out properly if for some reason the email is not being sent from the domain it originates from.

The client is not receiving an email or the email is blank

The email is sent to the client email you designate in the Shortcode for Client Email when creating the contract. If the email is still not sending correctly after you have set this section correctly, please check your Notification Email Template in the Other Templates section. If you have content there, please resave to ensure it has been added to the database for future use. If not, please add your content using the Contract Shortcodes listed on the page. To send a link to the contract created for your client, please include the [contract-link] shortcode in your templates.

Contract template is not saving

If you are trying to save a contract template and the template does not save when you click the Save Changes button, please alternate from Visual Editor to Text Editor. If this still does not work, please ensure that you do not have a plugin that is replacing the default WP Editor. Our plugin relies on the default editor to save the contract templates. You can test this by turning the editor plugin off and then trying to resave the template. Lastly, if this is not the case, please verify the plugin folder has execute permissions via FTP or if you have a security plugin installed, add a new rule to allow for the plugin files to be accessed and executed. The file used for this purpose is wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/editcontract.php. If this is an issue, more than likely it affects multiple areas on the plugin, so by correcting this issue, it may fix all other non-save-related issues.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /wp-content/plugins/onlinecontract/includes/functions.php on line 246.

This error is caused by your server PHP version is less than 5.3. Please update your PHP version on your server (can easily be done by your hosting company). Finally, we would very strongly recommend upgrading away from 5.2. I know there are cases where this is difficult, but that fact is that PHP 5.2 was declared end of life more than two years ago; it has not had any security updates in that time, and there are some big holes in it. If you’re still stuck on 5.2 then you are falling further and further behind the curve; even 5.3 will be end-of-life in the near future, as 5.5 is due out fairly soon now.

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