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You will need to set up your company and enter your purchase code before you can proceed.

Verify Purchase

  • Purchased From Select whether you purchased our plugin directly from us or on CodeCanyon.

  • Purchase Code If you purchased from CodeCanyon please retrieve this code from your downloads page. If you purchased directly from us, please see the email that was sent to you. If you did not purchase this plugin, please visit CodeCanyon to purchase.

NOTE: Once your purchased code is verified, the remainder of the plugin will open for you.

Set Up Your Company

The settings page should be pretty self-explanatory but here is a brief overview of what you can do.

  • Your Agency Name This will appear on every contract using the [businessname] shortcode. This is so you can create multiple contracts without needing to retype your agency name every time.

  • Administration Email Notification This email address will be used for all emails that are sent out from this plugin to the administrator of the site. Emails typically sent out are signature notifications, follow-up emails, etc.

  • Currency Symbol Enter the symbol that your contract is set up under. This will exist for all contracts and if changed, will update past contracts. This should be a set it and forget it option. You can add this to your contract templates using the [contractcurrency] shortcode.

  • Currency Type This is your 3 digit ISO code for currency. This is typically used for payment methods. Some require it, some do not. It is good practice to enter it just in case it is required. → View ISO Codes

  • Date Format This will customize the date selection modules throughout the plugin. The format is strict, so if you do not know what to enter please refer to the following link. → Learn More About Date Formats

  • Shortcode For Client’s Email You can designate which will be used for the client’s email address. Once you assign a value here, it will be used to display the list of contracts assigned to that client.

  • [emaillist] Page Location If you are using an external page to display contracts associated with a user, you can select it here.

NOTE: For Shortcode For Client's Email and [emaillist] Page Location you must add the respective shortcodes first.

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