Add / Edit Contracts

Contracts > Add New

Add New Contracts

From this window, you can set up a new contract using its own information. No need to worry about shortcodes, all information is added to your database directly from the inputs on this screen. On every contract, you have a few default options as well as your custom shortcodes. Your default options are as follows:

  • Contract Type You can select a template you created here.

  • Shortcode for Payment Amount You can select a shortcode that you will use for a payment amount or you can select Do not display payment options to remove all payment options from the contract.

  • Shortcode for Payment Item Name You can select a shortcode that you will use as the payment item name or description. If the previous section is set to not display payment options, then this option will not be used.

  • Shortcode for Your Representative You can select a shortcode to pass who from your company will sign this contract. This information will be used on the contracts list in the administration for easy sorting.

  • Redirect to a New Page When Signed? Instead of displaying payment options or print options, you can simply redirect the signer to a URL of your choosing. The redirect will happen automatically and instantly. If there is not a redirect, leave this input empty.

  • Remove Signature Box? Check to remove signature window and just display print and payment options

  • Send Notification to Client? Check to automatically send an email to the client when the contract is created.

  • Shortcode for Client Email You can select a shortcode to pass as the client’s email. This option will use your shortcodes to send email notifications for this client.

NOTE: Some options above require you to have created your shortcodes before creating a contract to use them.

NOTE: Most if not all of these options are required for proper contracts to be created.

Contracts > Edit

Edit Contracts

You can modify a contract by selecting the contract from within the Contracts admin menu. From this window, you can see if the contract is signed/unsigned, and you can make quick modifications.

The Edit screen is the same as the Add New screen discussed above.

The only difference between the two is if the contract is signed, the Contract Status section on the right side of the screen will have a signature. If for any reason, the signature is not valid or the contract was modified and you need the client to re-sign the contract, you can simply click the Clear and Reopen Contract button to remove the client’s signature.

NOTE: Keep in mind, once the signature is gone, it is removed from the file system.

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