Contract Templates

Contracts > Contract Templates > Create New

Add New Contract Template

You can either create a new contract template by using WordPress’s built-in editor or you can upload a new .txt file. We provide you with a few samples using our own contract to give you an example of the HTML code needed. If you are adding a new contract through the WordPress editor you will need to enter a contract name and type the contract like you would a post or page.

Contracts > Contract Templates > Edit This Contract

Modify Contract Template

The only way to edit a contract is by using the WordPress editor. You will first click the Edit This Contract button for the contract you want to edit. It will then populate the editor for you. Once it does, you can change it as you see fit. The contract name is not editable at this point because changing it could affect contracts that use it.

Contracts > Contract Templates > Checkbox > Update Contracts

Delete Contract Template

You can delete multiple contracts at a time. Just check the box by its name and click the Update Contracts button. All deletions are final and if a contract is using the template, it will no longer have a contract to use.

Contract Shortcodes

In this section, you can see the shortcodes you created. This is used to give you help when creating or updating a contract. This box displays the shortcode, a description, and if it is used for a function, it will display that function.

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